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President: Timothy Huang

Hometown: Houston, TX


Timothy Huang is a senior Electrical Engineering major. As a big movie fan, he has pretty much seen every movie worth seeing. Timothy joined SASE because of the invaluable networking opportunities. He also enjoys the friendly community, various events, and professional opportunities such as career and professional development. 





Internal Vice President: Chen Zhang

Hometown: Mansfield, TX


Chen Zhang is a senior Petroleum Engineering major. Chen enjoys being active and moving his body, whether it's swimming, biking, running, or table tennis! Since he joined SASE, Chen has been able to acquire leadership experience and technical expertise all while expanding his professional network.







External Vice President: Vishal Modi

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX


Vishal Modi is a junior Mechanical Engineering major. He joined SASE to meet others with a common interest. Through SASE, he has been given the opportunity to network with industry leaders and obtain his first internship! Vishal has also been to able to gain valuable professional advice from industry leaders and gain a unique prosepective. Vishal loves playing sports, especially football and basketball, watching his favorite TV shows, and hanging out with friends! 




Public Relations Director: Claudia Thong

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX


Claudia Thong is a senior Agricultural Economics major. She saw SASE as a great opportunity meet new people and network with others, all while expanding her professional connections. Claudia also found that SASE has shaped her into strong leader and taught her many things about engineering. Claudia loves animals, and spends her time caring for and raising them. When she's not with animals though, she loves cooking, traveling, and boxing!





Social Director: Conrad Gray

Hometown: Houston, TX


Conrad Gray is an senior Electrical Engineering major born in Takamatsu, Japan. He was introduced to SASE by his friends and was drawn in by the people and atmosphere. Conrad likes SASE because he's surrounded by people he can relate to and are willing to help him achieve success. Conrad was also able to develop himself professionally through resume workshops and mock interviews while discovering jobs that related to his major. In his free time, he likes to run, play board games with his friends, and read! 





Secretary: Tejas Kalanithi

Hometown: Irving, TX


Tejas Kalanithi is a sophomore Industrial Engineering major who joined SASE to recieve career building advice. SASE taught him how to properly build resumes and advertise himself to employers. Tejas has also been able to meet new people while increasing the number of people in his network. He enjoys reading, spending time with friends, running, and playing games. 





Marketing Director: Jason Zhao

Hometown: Katy, Texas


Jason Zhao is a junior Mechanical Engineering major who enjoys video editing and playing video games. He joined SASE to meet new people on campus, expand his network, and get more involved with his community. Jason was also able to build his professional career and find friends that are willing to help him every step of the way. He encourages people to try to get involved with an organization as soon as possible however scary it may be because "you won't regret it." 





Treasurer: Steven Cao

Hometown: Houston, TX

Steven Cao is a sophomore Industrial Engineering major who likes watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, exercising, volunteering, eating, and, of course, sleeping! He joined SASE as a freshman after he met with the officers at Open House. He wanted to meet people who shared similar passions and goals and to work on his leadership skills, confidence, and professional networking skills. By attending workshops and joining committees, he was able to accomplish just that. 





Logistics Director: Devin Cao

Hometown: Houston, TX


Devin Cao is a senior Petroleum Engineering major pursuing a minor in Geology. He likes practicing martial arts, longboarding, walking his dog, getting involved with his church, and watching YouTube videos. He joined SASE to find others with a similar culture and profession, but at the same time, he wanted to learn more about resume building, interviews, career fairs, and companies. What he admires about SASE is its ability to bring together like-minded people who are studying all types of engineering and sciences. One of his favorite moments with SASE was when he got to attend the National and Regional Conferences. 


Technical Affairs Director: Christina Ma

Hometown: Pflugerville, TX


Christina Ma is a junior Computer Engineering major. She enjoys coding, watching football, playing soccer, and teaching computer science. Christina joined SASE as a freshman wanting to get more involved on campus, but stayed because of the friendships that she's made through the fundraising commitee, mentorship program, and volunteering events. She's also been able to gain unique professional career building opportunities. She encourages students to constantly seek advise from peers and mentors.